Turn your daycare into a place for well-being.

We have applied science to develop daycare furniture that stimulates happiness and improves creativity of our children.

We use science to improve well-being

In a world where stress and anxiety are on the rise, we aim to create a calming environment for both children and caregivers, using elegant and mind-opening designs. These designs are inspired by scientific research showing that the sensory environment affects development and well-being. Therefore, all of our creations are formed with these psychological principles in mind.

We Care for Caregivers

In concert with design spaces that promote well-being, we also create and lead well-being programs for caregivers, with the notion that “happy caregivers make happy children”. Because children absorb the emotions and attitudes of the adults around them, we feel strongly that caregivers be trained in how to live with clarity, awareness and compassion.

We are committed to sustainability

In these times of climate crisis, we are committed to being part of the circular economy – using products that are long-lasting, easily restorable, and have little impact on the global environment.

We stimulate imagination

With technology putting every little detail at our fingertips, children (and adults) are forgetting how to use their imagination. To this end, we deliberately keep designs simple to encourage imagination.

Ethnoracial diversity

In a world where ethnoracial clashes are widespread, we think about ways to raise children to be accepting of diversity. One of our installations, Wall of Faces, capitalizes on research showing that children love to look at faces. We consciously choose faces from different ethnoracial backgrounds (as well as different genders and age) because research suggests that early exposure to diversity may lessen the chance to develop biases against people from ethnoracial backgrounds other than our own.

Toddler ergo bench cropped

Safety is the most important thing to us

All our products are made according to the safety guidelines. We want children to explore, but they also must be safe.

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