Wall of Faces

  • ZPromotes racial equality
  • ZHuman connection
  • ZConversation art piece

985.003,999.00 excl. VAT

The Wall of Faces is artistic for the daycare, and is inspired by research showing that children love to look at
faces. We consciously choose faces from different ethnoracial backgrounds (as well as different genders and
age) because research suggests that early exposure to diversity may lessen the chance to develop biases against
people from ethnoracial backgrounds other than our own. This installation also includes some mirrors to allow
children to see their own face amongst the others, to give a sense of common humanity.


1x 12 Frames (9 Pictures 3 Mirrors), 2x 12 Frames (9 Pictures 3 Mirrors), 3x 12 Frames (9 Pictures 3 Mirrors), 4x 12 Frames (9 Pictures 3 Mirrors), 5x 12 Frames (9 Pictures 3 Mirrors)






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