Ergo Furniture

  • ZErgonomically optimized for caregivers
  • ZModular pieces are easy to arrange
  • ZEasy to clean

1,957.002,243.00 excl. VAT

The Ergo Benches create enhanced ergonomics for caregivers, as the height is adjusted so that adults need not bend over to serve children. In addition, wheels allow for easy movement of pieces around the daycare. The product is made out of natural wood, as research shows that natural scenes (and materials) promote a sense of tranquility and well-being. The rounded contours of the furniture also enhance well-being, and the absence of hard edges is safer for children and adults. The table-top, which can be ordered in several colors, is covered with a plastic for durability and easy cleaning.


1x High Table 160×60 2x High Bench 120cm, 1x High Table 160×80 2x High Bench 120cm, 1x High Table 190×60 2x High Bench 150cm, 1x High Table 190×80 2x High Bench 150cm, 1x High Table 220×60 2x High Bench 180cm, 1x High Table 220×80 2x High Bench 180cm






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